Would you like to join our team as a volunteer?

Smiling World is supported by specialized volunteers of several areas. In Portugal, volunteers play a major role in materializing national projects as they support patients that otherwise would not have access to oral health care.

In the international scenario, the health professionals may join short or long term missions with the main goal of cooperate for development. Every year, Smiling World sends health professionals to Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Green and Mozambique with the aim to work in health prevention, health care and local staff training.


Registrations take place in January and September. Those interested in national projects join an induction process that consists in: Hosting>Interview with the manager>Specific training with the manager.

For the he applicants to international projects is mandatory to participate in Hosting>Volunteer Boot-camp> Interview.

For more information contact us at voluntariado@mundoasorrir.org.

We wait for you as we believe you are the missing piece to make to world smile!

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